Saturday, 6 June 2015

Things I hate

The mocking of youths, like an harassment of seagulls, creating a cacophony of activity and sound that produces no useful outcome.

The denial of delinquents protesting their innocence, forever enshrining their perception of the veracity of their behaviour.

Political commentary, igniting a holocaust of public indifference, being promoted by self-appointed talking heads whose rationale for promoting the commentary is completely divorced from the topic at hand.

People feeling sheepish, when they should be feeling ashamed.

People confusing the act of capitulation with the notion that to do so allows an attack on their self-worth.

Things rendered invisible by habit.
The new and exciting becoming normal and mundane.
The tearing of a comfortable shirt, thus rendering it usable only as a rag.
The articulation of night keeping me awake.
Running out of Pedro Ximenez.

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