Saturday, 25 April 2015


The sun, the moon, the wild dark ocean
The ice, the dune, devoid of devotion
The dim, the night, the forbidding mountain
The dream of hope, the dewy fountain.

The eye, the sight, the rising, the dawn,
The greens, the blues, the feeling forlorn
The tongue, the taste, the day, the dusk,
The sound of autumn, the smell of musk

The ear, the sound, the morning new
The distaste of bills long overdue
The yawn, the groan, the anguished cry
The bitter aged asking “why?”

The wicked, the clever, the dumb, the deft
The rich, the powerful, the poor and bereft
The quick, the slow, the wise, the sloth
The golden thread in the dark cloth

The king, the queen, the abdication
The folly of his fabrication
The subject revolt, the nation hissing
The realisation of a kingdom missing

The courage of love, the cowardice of hate
The strength to accept the command of Fate
The resolve to live with faith unfeigned
The humbleness to be justly-blamed



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