Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Ball Tampering

A decision made in an unguarded moment
Lightly made as a result of faulty thinking, not realizing
the corrupted logic lying within
And like the decision, the execution of the dastardly deed was
haphazard and poorly discharged
Opening the way for inevitable discovery, making
the obviousness of the shame clear in an instant.
If only that clarity had exploded upon you before the event you would have
realized how puerile and distasteful it would seem to all
and now you wonder how you missed the undisguised rancor
that your behaviour would inescapably make.
Yes, so preventable, but your true motives and intentions
are now broadcast and the world sees that it was not
your decision that was unguarded but your true heart,
and now you are ashamed.


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