Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Oh Happy Day!

Whoot! Last night, at 7:23 pm our eldest daughter gave birth to our second grandchild. A girl of unknown size, weight and dimensions. (Her father was tired, excited and was not able to pass on this information). 

This is our daughter and son-in-law's second child and even though they are over-the-moon with joy and happiness, their emotion is a mere drop in the ocean compared with our's. (Every grandparent indisputably knows that grandparents enjoy their grandchildren more than parents enjoy their kids).

This child, like her older sibling, will live a blessed life because of the wisdom, insight, love and devotion of her grandparents. Pa and Nanna, closely followed by Granny & Gramps, will endow this child with love, affection and support better than any other child will ever receive.

There is no doubt that she will become a Nobel Laureate, a space engineer and a brain surgeon, after ....

[Daughter] Dad? What are you doing?

[Pa] ... an educational career including Dux of the...

[Daughter] Dad! Stop it!

[Pa] ... school and Universi...

[Daughter] Dad! Stop it! NOW!

[Pa] ... ty valedictorian ...

[Daughter] Dad, if you don't stop right now we will revoke all visiting privileges.

This broadcast has been halted due to technical difficulties.

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