Saturday, 8 March 2014

A new wind blowing

There was this Greek guy called Aesop who became famous for a whole lot of pithy sayings, one of which was, "The little grapes are the sweetest". 

Life is made up of big things and little things. I don't know about you but my life has probably been 20% big things and 80% little. If we live by just the big things, then there is a whole lot of life we miss out on. And upon reflection, oft times, the joy in the small things is just as good as in the big events.

I've just moved to Kleinton. It's not really Toowoomba, but it's so close, and I've lived in Toowoomba for so long, I'm still going to be calling myself a Toowoomba boy.

One of the little things I discovered about Kleinton is that there is almost always a breeze blowing. This is not a startling revelation. It's not worthy of a comment on the evening news. It's not even something I would normally mention in conversation, let alone in a blog post. 

Maybe it's because moving house this week has been one of those big events in life. The days have been filled with cleaning, packing and unpacking, moving furniture, looking for lost items, moving more furniture, finding treasured items broken, discovering things thought to have been lost in a previous move, feeling exhausted from dawn to dusk and by the time it hits mid-afternoon the day already seems to have exceeded its 24 allotted hours. It's right then that the cool breeze has been very welcome indeed.

Regardless of where you live (even if you have the misfortune of not living in Toowoomba) make sure you take notice of the small things that happen around you. They very well may be the things that get you through the big thing that is transpiring in your life right now.

The child-bride is calling. Apparently there is more furniture that needs to be moved.

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