Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Season of our Engagement

It was many, many months, a lavish and overflowing time;
the year of the cat
The changing seasons brought an epiphany of joy
that seemed endless
Spending time with you was like drinking
the spice of life
The scent of your skin, the fragrance of spring,
was ever present
Your linens and silks ran like the colours
of the phantom air
That effulgent moon over shone everything, casting its light
into previously dark places
Hearing your laughter was like listening
to small children in rapture
The topics of our conversation, like doctoral studies on esoteric subjects.
were imbued with importance.
And our friendships wrapped us in a tender blanket
of sentiment and affection

But I was not unhappy with the expiration of that cycle.


March 2018

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