Thursday, 14 January 2016

Re-connecting with an old friend

Most of us remember the days of our high school years with warm reminiscence, or at least some fondness. Life was full of possibilities; exciting and full of exploits. The adventure of an unknown future not yet handicapped by a long history meant that most of us looked forward to the life ahead of us with more than just a little optimism.

I was no different. In fact, even today, more than four decades later, I still find myself viewing new possibilities with enthusiasm. It seems that I am not alone in thinking this way.

Yesterday I caught up with an old school friend I have not seen since we both left high school. For the past 40-odd years he has lived in Darwin and spend a lot of time travelling abroad for his work. He has seen a very different life than I have. He sort of 'fell' into many of his jobs - a case of being the right person in the right place at the right time. His work has taken him into the seedier side of life where he investigated the nefarious activities of those in society who ignore laws and hold no consideration for others. While he was describing his work history to me I got the distinct impression that he has faced serious threat to his life more than once.

And yet, here's the thing: he remains just as adventurous and inquisitive as when I knew him in school. He is still an optimistic man confident that life will return good things to him. He has enjoyed a life filled with interest, excitement, activity and relevance. Of course, there has also been the monotony of persistence and the tediousness of continuity to contend with, (none of us escape those things), but he remains positive in his outlook and unequivocal in his expectation of good times ahead.

Tony, it was very refreshing to catch up with you after such a long time and to see that the friend I knew in our teen years is essentially still the same man today.

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