Monday, 11 January 2016

A new agency!

Today is my first day at a new real estate agency - @realty

I have learnt a lot over the past 2 years working in a small semi-rural agency. There was new legislation nine months after I started which caused a complete change of forms and procedures, but all-in-all it was a fairly easy thing to learn. Conversely, getting to know the locals was both a huge challenge and hugely rewarding.

Now, venturing out on my own, the only really big issue to tackle is the one that is common to most real estate agents - getting listings. It may surprise you that the number of friends you have selling a property does not translate into the number of listings you are offered.

That complex, sometimes-fragile, often-unspoken relationship you have with a friend requires a high degree of sensitivity, empathy, understanding and sometimes just plain good timing to convert circumstance and all its subtle nuances into a property listing. 

The problem too is that most people only buy or sell a family home a couple of times in their life, and markets change substantially between each such event. Being able to educate people contemplating one of the largest transactions of their lifetime often requires the dismantling of deeply-held opinions, and occasionally the reduction of hopes and dreams. And while reality always, finally enforces itself upon us all, fore-warning can often make the process less painful. Soft-landing unpalatable news is an essential skill for every real estate agent.

So, it's a new day and, as always, I am enthusiastic and confident of success. If you know someone who is considering selling, please pass my details on them.


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