Friday, 20 March 2015

The Anguish of Love

Oh! Fierce is this flame that seizes my breath,
My body, my soul, my life, my death;
It burns in its fury, it kindles desire,
It consumes, but alas! It will not expire.

How wretched my life! No rest I know,
My heart is indifferent to joy or to woe;
For this flame in its passion kills, burns and destroys,
My grief and my pleasures, my sorrows and joys.

In the midst of such perils, all methods I try,
To escape from my fate - I weep, laugh, and cry;
I would hope, I would wish for some respite from grief,
But have not the courage to ask for relief.

If I conquer this foe, or if defeated I be,
Is alike in the midst of my torments to me;
I would please, and displease, but between me and you,
I know not, nor care what I say or do.

I cannot be still; I cannot be quiet,
I cannot sleep nor care what is my diet;
The flame in my spirit; this burdensome grief,
Is desperate to take me beyond my belief.

I drink it; I eat it; I dream it too.
I’m driven insane for my love for you.
I cry to the heavens - How can this be!?
That I be smitten with insanity?

Will I be delivered or remain possessed?
Tortured, enslaved, at this rogue flame’s behest
Where has life gone in its simplicity?
Oh please my darling, come rescue me.


Happy anniversary Suzanne!

Inspiration from the writings of Alfonso de Cartagena

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