Sunday, 15 June 2014

Don't judge a book by its cover

This adage is well-known and contains a simple truth. We can't judge the contents of something by how it looks on the outside.

Take a look at this house.

It's not the prettiest house you will ever see. It's not grand, nor majestic. Drive past it in the street and you would not give it a second glance.

Inside is a different story.

Polished timber floors, a brand new kitchen, an updated bathroom, and comfortable and inviting colour scheme through out; all-in-all a real surprise if you had judged the house solely on its outer appearance.

Here's some pics to demonstrate.

I see lots of folk drive past a house that is on the market, and never bother to stop to take a look inside. Presumable they do not find the exterior to their liking. While I understand that location, neighbours and other houses in a street provide some measure of the  "niceness" of the area, it intrigues me that a house is discarded from contention simply on its outward presentation.

I have lived in a number of houses, some of which had excellent street presentation but which had little by way of comfortable living internally. One, in particular, had magnificent views of Toowoomba, a large deck for BBQs and family gatherings, and was located in a lovely, quiet street. It was both the hottest-in-summer and coldest-in-winter house I have ever lived in.

I know that people are time-poor, but choosing the next house to live in is an important decision. Make the wrong choice and you pay for it in lots of little, hard-to-define ways. Often there is no direct expense  attached to a poor decision, but inconvenience and lack of comfort are accompanied by their own costs. 

A little more time taken during the research and decision stages can make a big difference to life in general.

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