Friday, 13 June 2014

A shameless plug

Take a look at this website:

This is the new website for an IT consultancy in Melbourne, Australia. It is owned by my son, and this is a shameless plug. 

Do I feel ashamed? Not really, and for that I must apologise. You see, when I first decided to write this blog I deliberated upon the use of advertising to cover costs, and more importantly, to increase the search engine rankings.  I realised how much I hate advertising, particularly the intrusive kind, and so I decided that I would not plug anything simply for the sake of a few dollars.

Now, you will notice that I have openly recommended a number of establishments in the blog, but at all times with no prior knowledge of the establishment involved, and never for any gain on my part. So I have felt that I have remained true to my intentions.

This is sightly different. Although I may not receive any tangible or direct benefit from promoting my son's website, it is still in all probability, information which you are likely to have no interest in. Thankfully, web bots and search engines are less discerning than my good readers so the benefit of my shameless promotion will be felt by my son, with little affect on you.

So I do thank you for your kindness for clicking on the link.

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