Friday, 9 May 2014

Vale Graham Bizzell

Graham Bizzell was one of the most influential men to ever grace my life. Graham Passed away on 29th April, 2014, aged 72 years. 

I owe him a debt of gratitude that has always been difficult to repay. During my eleven-odd years working for TAFE Queensland, Graham was an absolute God-send to me. I worked at the Toowoomba TAFE College from early '76 to late '87 during my late teens and twenties. This was the period of my adolescence where, like most, many of my attitudes and perceptions of life were set. I am sure I was not the only one who thought that someone the calibre of Graham belonged somewhere more important than the local TAFE College.

Graham's steadfast maintenance of his Christian faith, his measured and moderate response to sometimes very difficult circumstances, his genuine humbleness and his complete willingness to mentor and guide me as a young man finding my way in the world are all strong memories I have of him. I would go so far to say that Graham was the most influential person in my life during that time. 

I can recall numerous occasions when he counselled me regarding my responses to varying situations, and he was an enormous help in teaching me how to cope when confronted by anger, accusation, presumption and perceived injustice - all issues that face every adolescent as they mature into adulthood. Graham's ability to maintain his demeanour regardless of the situation has been something I have aspired to all my adult life.

My wife and I have been planning a trip in July through the central Queensland coastal region on our way to see our daughter in Rockhampton. I had hoped to call in and see Graham on the way. While I know Graham is in a far better place I am grieved with his passing. I will now have to wait until I see him in the new heavens and earth.

Vale Graham Maurice Bizzell.

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