Monday, 24 March 2014


I took the child-bride away for the week-end to celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary. We do this pretty much every year, although these week-ends are vastly different now than what they used to be.

In the early years, we were too poor to afford any excursion that did not have a real component of necessity attached to it. In the middling years, with the kids able to be farmed-out to relatives and close friends, we ventured out of town, but always stayed within a 2 hour drive of home.

Once we became empty-nesters, the game was on and we enjoyed Sydney, Melbourne, and even Vanuatu.

A friend commented to me last year that our expenditure on anniversaries was increasing. He wondered if we were trying to compensate for reductions in feelings and commitment in the marriage? Were we trying to hide decreases in devotion with more demonstrative expressions of sentiment?

I assured him that he had nothing to worry about (and in case you have the same concerns) and explained that a year does not pass without me writing a poem or two for Suzanne. One example is this.


Until azure no longer names the sky
Until there is no crescent of parchment moon
Until the zephyr looses its sigh
Your laugh will be my favourite tune.

Until cold water does not refresh
Until the noon sun does not burn
Until wrinkles adorn your maturing flesh
For your voice I will keen and yearn.

Until the Arctic is warm and flowing
Until Everest no longer commands by size
Until love and peace is common knowing
I’ll enjoy the sparkle in your eyes

Until calm is riven from Violence’ hand
Until nations injustice and fear address
Until fear and greed make no demand
To your loyalty I will confess

Until going fishing means there is no waiting
Until purple flares come back in style
Until I can tell jokes with no exaggerating
I will hope to see your smile

Until I am no longer history’s shibboleth
Until my soul has no travail, no groan
Until my lungs gasp their dying breath
I will love you and you alone.

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