Friday, 21 March 2014

Pie test #1

So, here is my first test of a local lemon meringue pie (LMP). 

Remember, as I mentioned in my first post, this is not a personal attack (or even a personal endorsement) of the person who baked the LMP. 

Where: Kerb Cafe (in Highfields Plaza)
When:  Today (Friday)

While the pie looked really good, it did not live up to expectations. The filling was overall quite unsatisfactory. The tart was nowhere near strong enough to counteract the cloying condensed milk flavour.
12 points

The meringue was nicely crunchy on top with a smooth, sweet body.
20 points

The pastry was actually a biscuit base of some sort. The corners were much thicker than the bottom and side, and while the taste was acceptable, it added another (unwanted) dimension to the overall taste.
10 points

The pie presented very well, both in the display cabinet, and on the plate. It looked inviting, the filling looked smooth and firm, and my expectation was increased because of the way it presented.
8 points

Total: 50 points

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